Chief Operating Officer & Portfolio Manager

Leslie Tubbs, CFA

Investment Team










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Chief Compliance Officer & Portfolio Manager

Leslie Tubbs, CFA

Investment Team

My primary role is Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst. I also serve as Chief Operating Officer. As an early member of the ZCI team, I’ve been a ‘business builder’ for over 25 years. While daily responsibilities have changed, our mentality hasn’t: pursue growth and stay agile, transparent, and efficient.

Our portfolio typically holds about 30 to 40 companies. A narrow focus lets us spend more time listening to management. It helps us determine how business is going and what they’re experiencing in the marketplace. I also ask about growth and its drivers; unit growth, pricing, and the addressable market.

We have open dialogue on our team. It gives us the opportunity to voice concerns and make a collective decision. This helps us feel more confident about companies we own and the decisions we make.

My dad gave me some great advice. Over twenty years ago, I was working for a bank. There was job security; I was climbing the corporate ladder. Nancy approached me with this job, and my dad just said, “Take the risk.” It proved great advice.

“Regarding savings and wealth, Warren Buffett says: Save for security, and invest for prosperity.”


BA in Business Administration, concentration in Finance
University of Washington


CFA® charterholder

Member, CFA Institute

Member, CFA Society of Seattle

Prior Member Finance Committee, national fraternity of Delta Delta Delta and its House Corporation

sector expertise

Health Care and Financial Services