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Compliance & Business Administration Team










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Internal Auditor

Sarah Jaeckel, CPA

Compliance & Business Administration Team

As the firm’s Controller, I focus on accounting and compliance functions. This ranges from setting up trading rules and monitoring client constraints, to assisting with month-end closing and vendor management.

Proper accounting, reporting and compliance help us uphold state and federal laws and keep investors safe. They also support cash management and our ability to make forward-looking decisions. Policies, rules and best practices are always changing; I enjoy the ongoing learning and challenge of staying vigilant.  

Hiring for fit matters as much as experiences listed on a resume. Our interview process emphasizes people and their values. This reflects Nancy and the leadership team’s commitment to chemistry and collaboration. A great culture ultimately benefits clients.

I worked in public accounting on the audit side, so I’ve worked with a lot of different companies. I’ve seen a lot of different cultures, and I think this one is unique. Nancy and everyone in management are very invested in everyone here. Work-life balance comes up a lot in other firms, but I rarely hear that here. We don’t have to talk about it because we have it.

I used to be scared of hard times and experiences. But they’ve shown me I can do more than I realize. Grit and a lot of good comes from adversity. Sure, being pushed to your limit is scary, but it’s the pathway to growth.  

“My focus is on making sure we have the proper systems and controls in place to keep the company in compliance and moving forward.”


Masters of Professional Accounting
Seattle University

BA in Business Administration, Accounting
Seattle University